Mosaic for 16-25 year olds

The Mosaic Youth Project ran between 2009 to 2016 and was part of the larger Mosaic Projects ran by us for 15 years.

he Mosaic Youth Project was aimed at introducing people between the ages of 16 and 25 to National Parks whilst building skills, employability and leadership for young people through engagement with National Parks.

The Young Champions did a wide range of activities including organising visits for other young people, conservation volunteering, advising the National Park Authority on a range of issues, and testing out YHA hostels to see if they were suitable for young people.

Through their involvement with National Parks nearly all the Young Champions gained in confidence and the majority felt they had better chances of securing employment. Many Champions went on to get employment, 12 in areas directly related to National Parks.

We have put together a set of materials to celebrate the end of our Mosaic youth project and its achievements. These can all be found in our Mosaic Resources Centre. The materials include:

Case Studies from the Mosaic youth project

Activity Case Studies: A set of four activity case studies which demonstrate how Mosaic works. The case studies are of a pony trek on Exmoor following a traditional route and organised by a group of Young Champions, the Full Cycle woodland management project in the Lake District, a presentation to all New Forest National Park Authority staff and a bike ride from the west to east coast of the UK organised by Northumberland Champions.

Karl Epps tells us about becoming a regular volunteer in the New Forest and some of the physical challenges of conservation volunteering in a wheelchair.

Leia Hoggarth tells us about her experiences with the Full Cycle project in the Lake District and the impact it’s had on her.

Ollie Barnett talks about new-found confidence and going on to get a job with the YHA after being a Champion.

Adam Philip-Phillips talks about the inspiration he’s got from National Parks; taking his Dad to the Lake District for the first time and speaking to NPA members.

Cameron Crags talks about his biking adventures in Northumberland and making films about National Parks.

Funders and partners:

Also funded by: Francis Scott Charitable Trust, Sir John Fisher Foundation, J P Getty Trust, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Fund, Exmoor Partnership Fund, New Forest Sustainable Development Fund
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