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5 Ways to help National Parks

National Parks are under threat like never before, but you can help us change that. With our Parks at the heart of everything we do, our mission is clear: we’re here to unite, inspire and empower everyone to take action and enjoy wilder National Parks. Here are 5 ways you can help National Parks.

1. Join our latest campaign

At Campaign for National Parks we’re creating a movement of people from different ages and backgrounds coming together to fight for nature-rich National Parks for everyone. You can help make this a reality by joining our latest campaign.

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2. Spend time in your local National Park

National Parks were created for everyone to enjoy; to connect with nature and experience the variety of different cultural heritage the Parks offer. It’s essential to plan your visit carefully, making use of resources to help you explore the Parks whilst having a minimal impact. Why not try to travel by bus or by train? And make sure you enjoy local amenities to support the communities which call National Parks home.

You can also get involved directly with the National Park Authorities by volunteering, search for volunteering opportunities on their websites.

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3. Get up to speed on threats facing National Parks

National Parks are the UK’s most iconic and awe-inspiring landscapes. Like The Beatles and the NHS, they are world renowned and represent the very best of our nation.

They are a source of wellbeing, adventure and connection with nature for millions of people.

But scratch the surface and all is not as it seems – habitat destruction, pollution, struggling communities, limited public transport, wildfires, wildlife crime, the list goes on.

The more awareness we can share about these threats, the more people we can mobilise to take action. Sign up to our email list today to stay up to date with all things National Parks.

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4. Sign our Petition

As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of National Parks in the UK, the truth is that these places are facing a host of challenges. National Parks can overcome these challenges but are being held back by out-of-date legislation and limited resources.

Sign the petition and send our leaders a powerful message ahead of the next UK election that National Parks matter.

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5. Join Campaign for National Parks

We are the only independent charity dedicated to securing the future of National Parks in England and Wales. Our independence from government means we can speak out for Protected Landscapes when no-one else can.

Founded in 1936, we bring together a campaigning collective of organisations and individuals from all walks of life united in common cause.

Join our community of National Park lovers and help us fight for thriving, wilder National Parks for everyone.

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