21st century National Parks

The Government's review of England's designated landscapes is YOUR chance to decide the future of National Parks. #21stcenturyNationalParks

National Parks for all

If National Parks are going to remain some of our most beautiful landscapes, we need to think about how we make them accessible
Accessible for all

Under threat!

Development threatens our green and pleasant landscapes with concrete and mortar. We need to keep beautiful places safe!
Keeping beautiful places safe


Janette Ward & Caroline Quentin

Campaign for National Parks’ punches above its’ weight. Can you take forward the small charity with a big job to do?

Campaign for National Parks is looking for a new chief executive at an exciting time for National Parks. Our chair, Janette Ward, tells us more about the role.

Accessible for all

Accessible For All

Everyone deserves the opportunity to get out and experience the National Parks. We’re working to improve sustainable access to and around the Parks.
More beautiful

More beautiful

Beauty sets apart our National Parks, but there’s much more we can do! We want to see our National Parks full of wildlife and free from eyesores.
Better Protected

Better Protected

Help us protect National Parks from mines, roads and other large scale developments that compromise the peace and beauty of the National Parks.

Campaign for National Parks

Campaign For National Parks is the only national charity dedicated to protecting, improving and promoting all of the National Parks of England and Wales. We were involved in the creation of the Parks back in the 1940s and 50s and today they remain essential to the nation's health and well-being.

The National Parks are among the most beautiful and valued landscapes in the British Isles, containing some of our most breath-taking scenery, rare wildlife and cultural heritage. We want to keep them safe for future generations to enjoy. They are home to rural communities and important to local economies. And they provide a wide range of recreational opportunities.

For over 80 years we’ve been campaigning to strengthen the powers of National Parks, been vigilant in monitoring the Parks against damaging developments and promoted National Parks for the enjoyment of everyone.

We are delighted to have Caroline Quentin, well known stage and TV actress as our President.