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The results are in for National Parks: nature needs a lifeline.

National Parks in England and Wales captivate the imagination and provide access to wild spaces for millions of people every year, but dig a little deeper and all is not as it seems. 

Nature is in crisis across the UK. Our new Health Check report shows that even in our incredible National Parks, nature needs a lifeline. 

Only 6% of the total land area of National Parks is currently managed effectively for nature. Unique and precious habitats are under threat, and many species are at risk of disappearing entirely. 

But with your help we can turn this around.

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The National Parks of Wales hold a very special place in my heart. Having lived, worked and filmed amongst them for many years I have lost count of the endless hours spent tracking, admiring and promoting the special qualities and unique species present within them. But despite their protected status, nature is still in crisis across our National Parks. One in six species is at risk of disappearing from Wales so we must do everything within our power to protect and enhance wild spaces for wildlife to thrive. Campaign for National Parks have clearly set out a programme for action and we must stand together to get Governments in Westminster and the Senedd to act.

Iolo Williams (Naturalist, Wildlife TV Presenter, Writer & Conservationist)

Marsh Fritillary Butterfly © Lourdes Photography

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