We want high quality housing based on local need.

To many people, there’s no where more idyllic to live than in a National Park and they have long been seen as perfect places to own a second home or retire to. But National Parks are also working and living landscapes, and it is important that local people are able to buy and rent houses, without prices which are often inflated by second home owners.

We are campaigning to make sure that a strong planning system means that new housing is of a high-quality design and in fitting with local character.

What we want to see:

Affordable housing that meets local needs in National Parks – we know there is a need for new housing in some locations and this will be best delivered by ensuring that National Park Authorities can continue to use policies that support lower cost housing and the local occupancy of new properties

Housing of a scale, size and tenure that is appropriate for National Parks – larger housing developments are often not suitable in, or close to, National Parks as they have greater impacts on these remote and rural settings.