Improving nature

National Park landscapes must be alive with wildlife.

National Parks are incredibly important to wildlife in England and Wales. They contain many rare species and are internationally recognised for their importance. However National Parks are not bucking the decline of wildlife we see across England and Wales.

Diverse and abundant nature is important for many reasons including:

  • Mitigating and adapting to climate change
  • Managing flood risk
  • Enhancing the beauty of the landscape
  • Recreation and the rural economy

Wildlife is a crucial part of what makes National Parks beautiful. Without them they are poorer and less interesting places. For these reasons and more we are campaigning to improve the beauty of National Parks by boosting the nature within them.

In June 2018 we released our report, Raising the bar: improving wildlife in our National Parks, this calls for urgent changes to turnaround the decline in wildlife and have National Parks at the very forefront of nature conservation.

Blog: CEO Fiona Howie looks at the recommendations of our report into improving wildlife in the Parks

Reversing the decline of wildlife in National Parks is not simple or easy.  There are many pressures on the landscape in National Parks, however we believe the current state of nature is not good enough and more can and should be done. Click here to read Raising the bar: improving wildlife in our National Parks.

Summer of beauty

Nature is essential to the beauty of National Parks – throughout July and August 2018 we are throwing a spotlight onto this through our summer of beauty campaign. Bringing to you important articles from a range of contributors, a photo competition and more.

Blog: Campaign for National Parks’ Andy Hall looks at the many varied ways of looking at beauty

We’re asking you to share the beauty of National Parks using #summerofbeauty ! Get involved today!

Help us fight for nature in National Parks

Decreasing wildlife is an urgent and critical issue. If we don’t act now future generations might never experience iconic species in our National Parks. With your support we can make a difference.

We are the only independent national charity dedicated to protecting and improving the National Parks. Join our fight to make sure National Parks are alive with bees, birds and beetles, landscapes are diverse and the wild can be experienced by everyone.

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