Northumberland National Park

One of the most tranquil places in the country, Northumberland National Park is the northern most National Park in England.

It covers an area of 400 square miles of breathtaking vistas between the Scottish border to one of the most dramatic central sections of Hadrian's Wall. It is one of the least populated of the National Parks, with traffic free-horizons and some of the darkest night skies. The park is a haven for wildlife, from the red squirrel and white-clawed crayfish to the rare black grouse.

The remains of 10,000 years of human life and work can be seen at Northumberland National Park, with evidence of prehistoric rock art and early industry. Acres of blanket bog offer a special habitat for bog rosemary and dwarf cornel. Visit the Northumberland National Park Authority website.

Image: Hadrian'sn Wall by Simon Fraser/NNPA