Save our National Parks: Share your story Big Give appeal launches

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Campaign for National Parks is urging people to Save our National Parks: Share your story as part of this year’s Big Give appeal.

Last year’s appeal raised £5,000 and enabled us to launch our first National Parks: New Perspectives bursary scheme, supporting young storytellers with bursaries and mentoring to share their stories of National Parks. Thank you to everyone who donated – we can’t wait to share the results with you in the summer, but we need your help once more.

This is a critical time for National Parks, with the Government set to take forward recommendations from the Landscapes Review but these special landscapes remain under threat from climate change, over-development and under-investment. We are determined to change this but can’t do it without you.

One donation, twice the impact

We want to raise £10,000 via The Big Give to help fuel our imporant campaigning work. We need to raise £5,000 from individual donations in just one week to unlock £5,000 of fund-matching. Every pound donated via The Big Give from noon on 22 April to noon on 29 April will be doubled at no extra cost to you. It means that we can achieve twice as much from your gift.

Campaign for National Parks’ Campaigns and Communications Manager Laura Williams said: “We were blown away by the support for last year’s Big Give appeal. It’s the first crowdfunder we’ve ever run and with £2,500 donated in just one week we managed to unlock £2,500 of fund-matching and attract a further £5,000 investment from an individual donor to enable us to award 10 bursaries.

“We’re a small charity with big impact and can achieve an awful lot with £10,000, which is what we’re hoping to raise in this year’s appeal. We’re also super excited to hear people’s stories about what National Parks mean to them. More people than ever before are enjoying National Parks for a multitude of reasons, it’s brilliant to see.”

Share your story

We also want to hear your story – why National Parks are important to you. Do they help improve your mental and physical health? Do they spark your creativity? Provide a backdrop for your hobby? Perhaps you’re employed in a National Park or volunteer in one? Maybe they remind you of your childhood, or offer escape from it? Everyone has different reasons for loving National Parks and we want to hear those.

Please share your story on social media and tag us in @campaign4parks. Alternatively, you can share it with us directly by emailing 

Together, we can show the Government how imporant National Parks are and why it must do more to protect and improve these vital landscapes and enable National Parks to deliver more for people, nature and climate.

Donate our The Big Give appeal from 22-29 April 2022 to see your donation doubled at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much for your support.