Park Protector Awards 2014 launched

New funding for conservation projects in National Parks

Environmental campaigners, conservationists and heritage lovers could secure vital funding and recognition for their work by entering this year’s Park Protector Awards, supported by HF Holidays and Ramblers Holidays Charitable Trust.

We are delighted to annouce that a brand new 2nd prize Award of £1,000 will be available alongside the first prize bursary of £2,000, providing a great opportunity to offer extra practical support to two projects helping to protect the National Park landscapes of England and Wales.

Anne Robinson, the Campaign for National Parks’ Chair, said: “The entries to the Awards last year were so strong that we wanted to extend them this year by offering two prizes. We hope to find a similar range and quality of projects in 2014”.

The Park Protector winner from 2013 was the environmentally innovative Woollenline project based in Brecon Beacons National Park. Coordinated by local artist, Pip Woolf, it uses lines of wool to protect peat from erosion, and joins local communities together in the process. Pip, with the help of schools, local volunteers, farmers and graziers,

Previous winner, Woollenline (Huw Price)

handmade 2,700 metres of felted wool to provide a cover for an extensive area of peat eroded by fire in 1976. Lines of wool have stabilised the peat and allowed plants to seed and grow, while nets stuffed with wool provide nutrients to the plants as they break down. Using low-grade wool and pony transport Woollenline is using low energy solutions.

When she heard she had won the Park Protector Award 2013, Pip said:

“Hundreds of people helped create the Woollenline, first a single line in 2010 and by 2012, eight more. I personally feel delighted at the recognition by winning the Park Protector Award that will undoubtedly deepen the commitment to grow continuing lines of connection across the uplands of the Brecon Beacons National Park.”

For details of how to enter, visit

The Park Protector Award is supported by HF Holidays and the Rambler’s Holidays Charitable Trust, with additional support from the Park Protector Club – a dedicated group of individuals and companies who help to support the protection of England and Wales’ most treasured landscapes.