New Report: National Parks and the Climate Emergency

  • Contributor information: CNP

The changing climate is already having a significant impact on our National Parks. Wildfires, flooding and droughts are increasing. As extreme weather events become even more frequent, there is likely to be a progressively more noticeable effect on the landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage in National Parks and the communities that live in them.

As world leaders meet in the UK for G7 and COP26 and we look to build back greener after a devastating global pandemic, we’ve been calling for the government to enable National Parks to be the centre of this green recovery – playing a key role in addressing the climate emergency.

Our latest report National Parks and the Climate Emergency looks at what is currently being done in National Parks in England and Wales and what more is needed. We have a number of recommendations for both Westminster and Welsh Governments and National Park Authorities – including the introduction of new Nature, People and Climate Commissions.

Campaign for National Parks Chair Janette Ward said: “Our National Parks are very special places and Campaign for National Parks has long been their champion and defender. With this report we want decision-makers to understand the importance of ensuring our National Parks are fully equipped to combat climate change and contribute to achieving national and global targets for carbon reduction.

“National Parks were founded on a vision for a better world, and we present our findings in the spirit of wanting to ensure that all the National Parks in England and Wales can contribute to a better future by tackling the most pressing issues of our time.”

Read the summary report here.

Read the full report here.