New Perspectives – Timothy’s film of peatland in the Peak District National Park

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Peak District

Peatlands are an incredible habitat. They boost biodiversity, remove carbon from the atmosphere and help alleviate flood risk. But up to 80 per cent of the UK’s peatlands are now in a poor condition due to threats from fires, to overgrazing and vehicle use.

In his film Peat 2023, Timothy speaks to Joe Margetts from Moors for the Future Partnerships, and explores the impressive carbon capturing capabilities of peat, and the challenges of peatland restoration in the Peak District National Park.

“National Parks exist as a place where anyone can go and enjoy the countryside; an essential right we can’t afford to lose.” – Timothy Gallagher

The inspiration behind Peat 2023 

“During my MA I worked in Calder Valley and made a film on the topic of flooding in the area. A key point in my film was a nearby degraded moor and the contributions this made to local flooding. Through this work I became very interested in peat bogs and human-environment relationships.   

I developed this theme in my CFNP film, focusing more on the science and how peat bogs can help the UK’s net-zero ambitions.” – Timothy Gallagher on his film Peat 2023

Powerful peatlands

Timothy’s film highlights the urgent need for peatland protect and restoration in National Parks. At Campaign for National Parks, we believe that great priority should be given to bringing peatland into good condition or restoration management by 2030 at the latest. This includes a stronger commitment to protecting existing areas of intact functioning peatland, protecting already damaged areas from further degradation.

That’s why we’re fighting for:

  • An end to peatland burning as a land management technique in National Parks
  • A ban on peat use in horticulture in England
  • A ban on disposable BBQs

Climate change at the heart of decision-making

The climate emergency should be at the forefront of decision making. National Parks is home to important habitats such as peatland and have a key role to play but are being held back by ineffective legislation. There are clear steps the Government could take to ensure peatland is in a good condition and able to play its role in meeting net zero targets, which we’ve outlined in our peatlands policy statement.” – Campaign for National Parks Chief Executive Rose O’Neill.

Find out more about the New Perspectives Bursary scheme, which gives a platform to those voices less heard in our National Parks here