New Campaign for National Parks animation unveiled

  • Contributor information: CNP

3 November 2021

A brand new animation has been unveiled by Campaign for National Parks offering a new perspective to show the different ways people engage with National Parks…

The papercraft animation was created by Bristol-based artist Sophie Marsh, with music by Manchester-based musician Sophie Galpin and a new map designed by Birmingham-based artist Tom Woolley – offering a new perspective on National Parks.

The 90-second film follows a range of characters as they enjoy different aspects of different National Parks – from cycling, walking and climbing to sight-seeing and photography. It ends with the message ‘National Parks for All’.

More accessible, better protected National Parks

“I love being in the wild and National Parks are some of the wilder places in the UK,” said the 30-year-old animator. “I love walking and being in nature. I love the coast especially – Exmoor and the Pembrokeshire Coast.

“There’s loads to learn about National Parks in England and Wales; there’s some really special geographical elements to them that we only have in the UK. It brings together a lot of interests, not just about being outdoorsy.

“It would be nice if this animation could bring more people who wouldn’t necessarily think about National Parks as a destination to realise that maybe it would be great to visit. So, people from cities or people who’ve never visited a National Park before think ‘ooh that looks nice or fun or pretty’ etc.

Sophie added: “If more people learn about National Parks, hopefully they’ll be more protected and we’ll see more of them, and more people enjoying and caring for them.”

Campaign fo National Parks campaigns for more accessible, better protected National Parks and was responsible for launching the Mosaic Outdoors initiative to help new audiences experience and enjoy National Parks.

National Parks: New Perspectives

A newly-launched National Parks: New Perspectives scheme offers 10 x £1,000 bursaries plus training and mentoring with Ocean City Media to young storytellers – aged 19-35. This animation was commissioned as part of the drive for new perspectives but is separate to the scheme, which closes for applications on Monday 15 November 2021.

Campaign for National Parks’ Chief Executive Rose O’Neill said: “The pandemic has seen a huge increase in first-time visitors to National Parks, including younger people and city-dwellers. It has been so good to see much more diverse audiences benefitting from these beautiful, healing landscapes and we wanted to hear more from people about their experiences and gather new perspectives.

“Sophie’s animation beautifully captures the many different ways in which people enjoy National Parks and we – like Sophie – hope that it will inspire more people to visit. We also want to encourage young storytellers to apply for our new National Parks: New Perspectives bursary scheme. We want to support the next generation of National Parks communicators and learn from them.

“National Parks were created for the nation but still, access is highly unequal. It’s so important that new perspectives are included into decision making about the parks, which is why we are calling on government to bring in new legislation to level up access to National Parks.”

To learn more about – or apply for – a National Parks: New Perspectives bursary, see here.