Halt to fracking is welcomed

  • Contributor information: CNP

Over the weekend [Saturday 2 November] the Government announced a halt to all fracking until “compelling new evidence is provided”. This is a huge win for the many environmental campaigners who opposed disastrous plans to frack the countryside.

Although the Government introduced measures to restrict drilling on the surface of National Parks and other protected areas in 2016, fracking was still permitted around the boundaries and underneath these areas. This posed a serious threat to the integrity of our beautiful National Parks and the reasons they are so special. Campaign for National Parks has fought hard to ensure our Parks would be safe from fracking, and as an organisation we are grateful for the years of efforts that many organisations and individuals have put into the opposition to this damaging activity.

However, while we are delighted National Parks are safe from these risks for the time-being, we believe that only a complete ban will ensure they are completely safe in the future.

The government has also confirmed that it would not taking forward the proposals to speed up the planning process for fracking developments which were announced in May 2018.

As a charity we are reliant on your support. With your help we can keep up the fight to keep our National Parks safe.