Good news as National Grid proposes to remove new and old pylons in the Lake District

  • Contributor information: CNP

National Grid has this morning [24 October] announced that they are now proposing to underground the whole length – 23.4km (14.5 miles) of the new North West Coast Connections line of pylons through the Lake District.

We’re really pleased that National Grid has listened to the concerns we’ve been raising with Friends of the Lake District about the way in which this new line could blight the special landscape of the Lake District.

Click here to see National Grid’s press release

Ruth Bradshaw our policy and research manager said, “There is still some way to go before final decisions are made on this project and we will be urging National Grid to give further thought to the need to reduce the visual impact of the scheme just outside the Park boundaries.”

She continued, “It is essential that all future decisions on this line take full account of the additional protection afforded National Parks so that people can enjoy this beautiful area without the intrusion of wires and pylons.

A consultation is now taking place from 28 October until the 6 January. To find out more, please contact