Warnings that further cuts to National Park Authority funding could be disastrous

Further cuts to the Government grant to National Parks could have devastating consequences, according to the former Peak District National Park Authority Chief Executive Jim Dixon.

Writing in the Spring edition of our membership magazine Viewpoint, Mr Dixon says:”Over time, important farm conservation, innovative transport programmes, ecology, landscape and archaeological expertise and the ability to reach out to new audiences will be lost.

“At worst, National Park Authorities may find it difficult to fight threats to the landscape,” he warns.

Mr Dixon says Defra should put a stop to indiscriminate, deep and harmful cuts and instead it should put together a long-term plan to help the National Parks fund themselves sustainably for the future. He argues that National Parks should be given the freedom and investment to help them grow great leisure businesses serving the public.

He says there are diverse sources of funds available, such as health funding, heritage lottery, EU LIFE nature funds and national citizenship service that could help. And he argues that busuiness and trusts shoudl be able to support National Parks directly through a nationwide National Park charity.

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