Don’t fast-track fracking!

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25 June 2018

Join our fight to prevent the fast-tracking of fracking. The beauFracking site. Photo credit: Brian Jonesty and serenity of our favourite countryside is under threat!

The government has announced plans to speed up the planning process for fracking. Should these plans go ahead, it will be as easy to drill an exploration fracking well as it is to build a conservatory or erect a fence.

These proposals could lead to dozens of new wells being drilled across the English countryside over the next couple of years resulting in significant damage to the environment, landscape and climate.

While fracking-related drilling is currently forbidden within England’s National Parks, in 2015 the Government voted to allow shale gas extraction underneath the Parks. This is a serious threat to the beauty and character of National Parks in areas were fracking could take place, including the North York Moors, the Peak District and the South Downs.

But what can you do? This petition urges Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, to drop measures to:

● Treat exploratory drilling as permitted development.
● Include fracking in the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects Regime.

Photo credit: Brian Jones.

This petition is nationally important – it’s time to raise your voice and defend our beautiful countryside.

Click here to read and sign the petition calling on Westminster to reconsider plans to streamline the planning process for fracking.