Bill Bryson presents a BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal for us!

  • Contributor information: CNP

On Sunday 31 July the legendary author Bill Bryson will be presenting our BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal

National treasure Bill Bryson is known for his love of the British countryside. He first visited a National Park in the UK back in 1972 and has been in love with them ever since.

Bill presents an impassioned plea asking people if they can imagine this glorious island of ours without National Parks – because he certainly can’t.

To Bill, Campaign for National Parks is a ‘heroic organisation’ which has inspired over 30,000 people to go out into National Parks, many for the first time. Particularly pertinent is Adam’s story – of how getting involved with Campaign for National Parks truly changed his life.

But National Parks are not free from threats – including risks of major development like fracking, roads and pylons. So please do listen to Bill’s appeal and encourage as many people to find out why National Parks need defending.

Listen now!