Campaigners call for £3 billion for “green retrofit” of main roads

We are supporting calls for £3bn to be invested over the next five years in a range of green retrofit improvements for existing roads in the upcoming Road Investment Strategy. Working with the Campaign for Better Transport and Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, the new report outlines how our existing road network needs to be updated to help tackle noise and biodiversity decline.

We are calling for green bridges to reconnect habitats and landscapes that have been severed by major roads; design changes to reduce the visual and landscape impact of roads, including lighting; new barriers and better management to reduce traffic noise; safe crossings and routes to increase walking and cycling; new smart technology to help reduce disruption and priority measures for buses and coaches at key junctions and urban areas.

Ruth Bradshaw, Policy and Research Manager at the Campaign for National Parks, said: “Millions of people visit National Parks every year, eager to experience their unique qualities, peace and tranquility but too often their enjoyment is spoilt by traffic noise and unsightly, dangerous roads. The measures in this brochure show how many of the negative impacts of existing roads could be reduced. Implementing this green retrofit progamme would demonstrate that the Government takes its responsibility towards National Parks seriously.”