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2 August 2019

Corporate partner Aquapac tell us why they love National Park adventures, though they love staying dry even more! #SummerofAdventure

The Aquapac story began in 1983, when our inventors worked to create the most innovative waterproof cases possible at the time. They bought their factory in 1985 and have been creating outdoor apparel ever since, developing a close relationship with customers.

We’ve always been in love with the great outdoors and our National Parks. They represent some of the biggest and best outdoor spaces in the country – from the fells of the beautiful Lake District to the starry skies of Snowdonia. We and our customers love and appreciate these amazing places which are perfect places for your own National Park adventure. That’s why we are proud to be supporting Campaign for National Parks as a corporate partner.

stay safe and dry on your very own adventure

Stay safe and dry on your very own #summerofadventure with Aquapac

Whatever shape your adventure takes it’s important to be confident that your style is on point and comfort will not be an issue as you climb your first or your third peak! At Aquapac we are proud to continue moving the bar forward. We cater for a wide and diverse line up of products, including phones, GPS, Vhf, iPad’s, backpacks, duffels and panniers, all ensuring your experience in the outdoors remains as dry as possible.

Anyone who’s gained a soggy bottom marching through a wetland or who’s been caught out by the great British weather knows that keeping you and your valuable dry can make the difference between the adventure of a lifetime and a soaking disappointment.

Because of that, standards are extremely important to Aquapac and we won’t cut any corners went it comes to the definition of ‘waterproof’, adhering to the international IEC 60529 standard. Each batch of Aquapac cases are tested in their pressure tanks to ensure that they perform up to our standards before they leave the warehouse.

Our customers are always look for the next ultimate outdoor adventure and wherever your National Park Adventure takes you – Aquapac will be able to cater for it.

By Aquapac, 

Corporate supporter of Campaign for National Parks,

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