Shopping online at Waitrose? Vote for Campaign for National Parks as you check out

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4 June 2018

Fundraising and partnerships officer, Tom Utting, explains why you should vote for Campaign for National Parks when you shop online at Waitrose.

Our National Parks offer opportunities to climb peaks, explore woods and paddle on the shores of our coastline. They offer a chance to get away from it all, experience dark skies and escape the stresses of everyday life.

Campaign for National Park was first established in 1936 and lobbied for the introduction of National Parks in 1949. The landscapes we all take for granted such as the Lake District and Snowdonia, we owe to the courageous and extraordinary action of the environmental movement of the 1930’s and 40’s. Nearly 70 years on a review of designated landscapes gives us the opportunity to radically improve the English Parks. But we need your help to do this.

We are the only charity campaigning on behalf of all the National Parks across England and Wales. From opposing fracking in the North York Moors, preventing the installation of zip wires in the Lake District to ensuring planning protections are maintained in Welsh National Parks, Campaign for National Parks will always work hard to see the Parks better protected, more beautiful and accessible for all.

But the Parks are still at risk. Recently the Westminster GoTom enjoys Snowdonia National Park, will you help us protect it?vernment proposed changes to national planning policy which would weaken the special protections for the English National Parks. The Lake District and Snowdonia are risk at being developed for radioactive waste storage facilities. Road building proposals will undermine the beauty of both the Peak District and South Downs National Park.

Waitrose’ Community Matters online scheme gives its customers the opportunity to vote at the end of their shopping for their favourite charity. By voting for Campaign for National Parks, you will allow us to shape the future of National Parks so they continue to remain national treasures and prevent threats that undermine their outstanding beauty.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for our small charity. Please shop online and vote for us if you can!

Click here to go to Waitrose, and vote for Campaign for National Parks at the end of your shopping!

By Tom Utting

Tom enjoys the amazing Snowdonia National Park. Will you help us keep this amazing landscape safe for future generations?