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  Sponsored Content. 15 March 2019

Standard format wheelchairs are almost impossible to use on the majority of woodland and country paths. Our friends at Mountain Trike tell us about their passion for opening up the National Parks for wheelchair users.

The Mountain Trike Company first hit the mobility market with the Mountain Trike in 2011.  These revolutionary all-terrain off road manual wheelchair products allow wheelchair users to enjoy the freedom and independence to travel off the beaten track and explore the great outdoors with friends and family. Users can enjoy trips to the park, woodland trails, travel over sand, mud, snow and even tackle urban obstacles such as cobbles and kerbs in comfort and style. The unique lever drive system means your hands stay clean and dry whatever the weather.

The Mountain Trike is the brainchild of entrepreneur and award winning British design engineer, Tim Morgan.  Tim recognised that in their standard format wheelchairs are almost impossible to use on the majority of woodland and country paths and he designed the world’s first, truly all terrain wheelchair that is practical and off road capable.  Using his skills as a design engineer and his passion for sport Tim created the ‘Trike’ which has many components to that of a mountain bike.

Tim Morgan assembling a mountain trike

Tim Morgan assembling a mountain trike so you can enjoy our National Parks.

Not one to rest on his laurels in 2015 the company announced two new product launches – the MT Evo – a Mountain Trike adapted for riders with limited hand function using a simpler control mechanism and the MT Push – a ‘buddy/attendant’ chair. The lever drive system has been replaced with arm rests for rider comfort and a push handle located behind the rider is where the steering and braking takes place by the riders buddy.

These all terrain wheelchairs are helping to open up access to the great outdoors for people with limited mobility.  Customers vary in ability, but all are looking for an outdoor adventure – some look for more extreme adventures such as making it to the summit of Snowdon, whereas others just love the freedom to be able to explore the outdoors with friends and family.  Nothing is better than that uplifting feeling you get when outside – the views, fresh air and exercise is the perfect combination!

Alan Wedgwood enjoying the glory of the great outdoors

Alan Wedgwood, enjoying expanded horizons. Photo credit: Mountain Trike

Customer feedback normally follows the same line about how life changing the Mountain Trike has been and the joy of being able to get back outside.

‘Then came the Mountain Trike, and suddenly my horizons expanded. Now I can go up hills knowing that coming down will be relatively easy…’  Alan Wedgwood

‘I’m able to explore places I hadn’t been able to get to in decades with friends and family, and to begin to recognise birds and the natural world. And have some fun…’ Caroline Beeson

The National Parks in the UK do a great job protecting some of the most beautiful landscapes in England and Wales, benefitting everyone who wants to visit them, no matter what your ability is. We believe in access for everyone and manufacture and produce all terrain wheelchairs from our premises in the UK. And we believe that we can help open up the National Parks so that everyone can enjoy those benefits.

By Mountain Trike

The Mountain Trike Company offer demonstrations of their products, hire options and you can buy direct from them – all Trikes come custom built, come with a 3 year warranty, choice of frame colour, adjustable frame, footrest and seat.

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