Interview with National Parks: New Perspectives bursary holder City Girl in Nature

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Following the launch of her brilliant video ‘Moments in Nature’, Kwesia – a.k.a. City Girl in Nature – explains why she applied for a National Parks: New Perspectives bursary and what her hopes are for her film.  

Why did you apply for the New Perspectives bursary?  

I applied for a New Perspectives bursary as I saw it as an opportunity to share a point of view that often doesn’t get shown. As well as spreading awareness around the importance of our National Parks.  

How did you come up with your idea and was there anything else you wanted to do/cover?  

I came up with my idea through thinking about what a younger me who was not connected with nature would like to see. I wanted to ensure each individual that was a part of the process was able to express themselves freely. The piece shows how we may be different but Nature brings us together.  

My core focus was People & Nature. When looking at all the National Parks South Downs was one of the closest to London, as well I felt the history there could be a good thing to explore. If I had the opportunity I’d create more content and bring in further creative ideas.  

What’s been the best thing about the scheme? Is there anything significant you’ve learned?  

I liked seeing what other people have produced. It so inspiring sharing the opportunity with others.   

What would you say to anyone thinking of applying for a future New Perspectives bursary?  

If you’re thinking of applying for the bursary I’d say go for it!   

What do National Parks mean to you?  

I only learnt what a National Park was last year. Since then, I’ve been to four National Parks so far and plan to get round to them all. For me, a National Park is a glimpse of the wider world and the wonders of Mother Nature. My ambition is to enable others like me to be able to experience going to National Parks.   

What do you think needs to be done to improve National Parks?  

I feel what needs to be done to improve National Parks is partnering with individuals and organisations that are embedded in communities and schools. To provide access and an understanding of what a National Park even is.  

What are you most proud of about your film?  

I’d say what I am most proud of about my content is the raw and realness of it. Which aligns with how I produced this piece. You got a feel of each individual and what it meant to be in Seven Sisters South Downs National Park.  

Any stories from creating your content you’d like to share?   

It was really nice to share an experience with others who reside in cities and have never been to a National Park. Seeing how much they were enjoying, inspired me further with the work that I do of trying to get inner city people to connect with the natural world.   

What next for City Girl in Nature?  

What is next for me is a second online series which is about my quest of getting inner city people to engage with the natural world. I’m a part of an Exhibition at Natural History Museum called ‘Dippy Returns’ which will be running until January 2023. More walks, workshops and talks in the community and schools. Promoting nature connection and find more creative, hands-on ways of doing so.  

Anything else you’d like to add…  

I’m currently doing a crowdfunder which will help to fund the work that I do of getting inner city people to connect with the natural world. Please help support and share this so more inner city people (mainly young people) can get opportunities they often aren’t given.

***You can watch Kwesia’s full film here***