Improving access to green spaces

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Jayne Fishwick from Mountain Trike explains how the all terrain wheelchair company is helping with access to the great outdoors as it adds new product to it’s wheelchair range

We constantly hear that being able to get outside is good for the mind and soul – and we believe that to be true.The UK is fortunate that it has lots of open green spaces for everyone to enjoy – here at Mountain Trike we think everyone should have the chance to experience the outdoors and our all terrain wheelchair products have been designed with that in mind.

There can be many barriers stopping people from accessing outdoor spaces – if you have problems with mobility there are many obstacles to overcome and a simple trip out to the local park or open space can take a lot of planning and organising.

Wheelchair users can find it frustrating by the limitations imposed on them by the mobility of their chair – many wheelchairs struggle with off-road terrains which can be difficult to navigate in a regular wheelchair.  Our Mountain Trike, all terrain wheelchair products have been designed using many components found on a mountain bike, – our custom built wheelchairs can tackle woodland, mountain bike tracks, beaches, nature trails and hills.

What makes these all terrain wheelchairs special is how they are made and the key innovation design feature is the unique lever drive system that allows the user to power, steer and brake the Trike using the two levers which are positioned in front of them and importantly keeps the user’s hands clean and dry.  Over the year’s we have listened to customer feedback and keep on innovating by developing and expanding our outdoor wheelchair range – more recently we launched the eTrike – an electric power assist all terrain wheelchair.

As many Trike customers have pointed out, the eTrike is a game changer.  Whilst the lever drive of the Mountain Trike is a unique offering from a wheelchair point of view, the eTrike takes it to another level.  The user can choose to either ride manually by pushing the drive levers as normal and when things get a bit too much, the flick of a switch and the power mode kicks in and twisting the throttle you move forward using the 5 different power settings – to go at your desired speed!

The eTrike is suitable for a wide range of users – those who need some assistance to travel off road, or active users who want to travel further, faster or tackle more challenging  terrain – offering  more options to access the outdoors for wheelchair users. The eTrike is simple and easy to use and it is highly practical as it can be folded down to fit in the boot of most cars.

All the family, despite ability can enjoy days out and National Parks across the UK are the perfect place to roam and enjoy the vast open spaces.

Caroline Beeson has owned her Mountain Trike for many years and this is what she has to say,

“I’ve loved my Mountain Trike and have had many years of enjoyment – it has taken me to places I had never dreamed I could get to and has opened up a whole new world for me. However, this new eTrike is a game changer! When I tried the eTrike I knew immediately I wanted one, so decided to invest in the new eTrike and I have no regrets. 

I’ve recently returned from a holiday in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. My new eTrike made getting up those ridiculously steep hills to all those Welsh castles easy peasy, no help required. The beaches and other stunning outdoor places have been easy to access and knowing I can easily switch to the power mode gives me extra confidence and allows more time for doing actual exploring.”

For customers who already own a Mountain Trike there is an eKit available which can easily be fitted to the Mountain Trike – a great option if your circumstances change and don’t want the expense of buying a new wheelchair.

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