Get to know our new CEO

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4 April 2019

Corinne Pluchino is the new chief executive of Campaign for National Parks. With her experience in the charitable and private sector, and her passion for the outdoors, Corinne is looking forward to bringing these together to lead the organisation.

What has inspired your passion for National Parks?

I have been inspired by their beauty, tranquillity and variety – they consist of such contrasting landscapes, distinctive histories and diverse ecosystems across England and Wales.

Corinne Pluchino

Why do you think the work of Campaign for National Parks is important? And what are you looking forward to taking on?

Campaign for National Parks provides a collective, national voice for those who wish to protect, enhance and promote the National Parks in England and Wales. I am most looking forward to working together with the many individuals and organisations that care and campaign for the National Parks.

What do you see as the big issues facing National Parks?

Four immediately come to mind but there are so many: the importance of landscape scale conservation, securing adequate resources for the Parks, encouraging greater accessibility, and ensuring national policies are reflected in local decision making.

Landscape conservation

Corinne thinks landscape scale conservation is important. Photo credit: Exmoor National Park Authority

What do you do when you’re not working?

I like to try to understand why things are as they are.  I love to read about natural and social history and then to visit different places to bring what I read to life.

And what gets you out of bed in the morning?

The opportunity to experience the extraordinary beauty and wonder of the natural world, and to contribute to its protection, enrichment and appreciation.

Corinne starts her role in May 2019

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