Autumn magic in National Parks

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29 October 2018

Autumn is an amazing time to explore the incredible sights and experiences of the National Parks. Our friends at Original Cottages tells you why you should get outside and have an autumnal adventure of your own!

With its gradually yellowing leaves, bright crisp sunny days and cool shortening evenings, the autumn months are a magical, transformational time of the year that are ideal for observing some of the most vivid wild scenes that nature has to offer. From the sprawling moors of the Yorkshire Moors to the impressive fells of the Lake District and the unspoilt beaches of the Pembrokeshire coast, the UK is lucky to be home to 15 National Parks across England, Scotland and Wales. These areas of stunning natural beauty are a wonderful resource for protecting local wildlife, education and research and as an unforgettable destination for a relaxing getaway.

Discover the magic

One of the great joys of visiting national parkland is that every region offers something truly unique depending on the time of year, so you are guaranteed to enjoy a wonderful experience that will have you returning time and again to discover what new adventures await. With the warm summer months giving way to shorter, cooler days, the autumn is a transformative time of year that is full of dazzling colour.

National Parks are home to some amazing wildlife

Our National Parks are home to some amazing wildlife. Photo credit: Benoit Grauzere, via unsplash.

The sharp crispness of the cooler air is extenuated by last of the summer sun, which sets the stage for truly magical walks followed by cosy evenings indoors with a good book or a fireside chat with friends.  

With their miles of unspoilt landscape, winding waterways and rugged coastlines, it is unsurprising that the UK’s National Parks are also home to an incredibly varied diversity of plant and wildlife. The Lake District National Park for example, is one of the few places within the country where it is possible to catch site of the elusive Red Squirrel, which was once found across the UK.

The Yorkshire Moors meanwhile are home of many wonderous species of wildlife that can be observed during the autumn months. White-beaked Dolphins and minke wales can be spotted following shoals of North Sea mackerel just off the Yorkshire coast between June and October/November, while the Moors play host to an astonishing variety of birdlife, including merlin, goshawks and honey buzzards.

Express Yourself

Despite the cooling of the weather during the autumn months, the UK’s National Parks continue to provide varied and beautiful landscapes for outdoor activities or events. Indeed, the parks are the perfect natural backdrop for you to really express yourself by enjoying your favourite pastimes. For anyone looking to take in the local environment while remaining active, routes such as The South Downs Way offer charming escapes for walking, cycling and horse riding. Lovers of coastal life might want to take the time to explore the Pembrokeshire Coast National Trail, which covers some 186 miles coast including cliffs, broad beaches and secluded coves.

Whitesands in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Whitesands in the beaitiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Photo credit: Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority.

Further to offering an impressive array of outdoor and sporting activities, the UK’s National Parks are also home to several seasonal events and festivals that will keep you busy at any time of the year. During autumn you can confront your spooky side at the Brockhole Halloween Experience, which includes a haunted forest, zombie archery and a Green Goblin cake and a mug of witch’s brew, as well as many more attractions. If you are looking for a slightly less hair-raising experience, why not drop in on the Porlock Food Fair, which is held within the heart of the Exmoor National Park and boasts the very best of tempting local produce all presented under one roof.

Relax and Recharge

Visitors to our National Parks travel from far and wide to enjoy the splendour and natural beauty of these cherished national treasures. The parks are vast areas of natural beauty with lots to see, experience and explore, so it is important that you find a comfortable base where you can relax and unwind for the next day’s adventure.

One of most comfortable ways to visit any of the UK’s National Parks is by choosing to stay in of the many unique holiday cottages across the country, which provide an ideal home-away-from-home from which to venture out and explore the local area. These can vary from traditional stone cottages that blend rustic charm with modern comforts, to unique and quirky properties including renovated former signal boxes and old school houses!

River Dart in Dartmoor

Explore beautiful autumnal sites in our National Parks such as the River Dart. Photo credit: Dartmoor National Park Authority.

During the autumn months and further into the winter, the benefits of a cosy holiday cottage become all the more apparent when you begin to imagine curling up in front of a roaring fire or enjoying a home-cooked meal while taking breathing-views across the moors, lakes or coastline. Original Cottages is proud to offer a truly remarkable collection of holiday cottages that are suitable for visiting groups of all sizes, from couples, families with pets to large get-together of families and friends.

Stay in a beautiful location with Original Cottages

Stay in a beatiful location with Original Cottages! Photo credit: Original Cottages.

Our local experts are on hand to guide you in choosing the perfect holiday cottage for you, whether you are looking to enjoy a crisp autumn getaway, a snowy winter retreat or even plan your 2019 summer holiday.    

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