10 facts you won’t believe about National Parks

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6 March 2019


Campaign for National Parks brings you 10 facts about National Parks you won’t believe*

*unless you are already a National Park know-it-all

1 They’re blinking huge!

National Parks were created to protect vast swathes of countryside so everyone can enjoy them. And they are certainly vast! You can easily go to places in the Lake District, Dartmoor or any of the Parks and not see the edges of the Park on the Horizon.

2 They contain some of the best views in the world

The high peaks of some of the National Parks offer some of the best views known in the world. On a clear day the stunning view from the top of Snowdon is breath taking and has been voted the best views in the world on several occasions.

And the views don’t stop when the sun goes down. The dark skies of the Parks are equally spectacular!

Fabulous dark skies by Pete Collins

Beautiful starry skies in the Yorkshire Dales by Pete Collins. 

3 They’re good for you

Research has shown the time spent in nature can be good for the mind as well as the body. As the most stunning countryside in England and Wales, the National Parks offers a refuge from the demands of modern life.

4 They’re alive

National Parks are living landscapes. Thousands of people live or work in the Parks and millions visit their stunning landscapes each year. But they’re also alive with wildlife. A visit to the New Forest and you might see all of britains reptile species, rare birds, deer and small mammals. If you visit the Brecon beacons you might see swarms of rare birds of prey. And a visit to the Pembrokeshire Coast reveals a fascinating marine world including dolphins and whales!

Beautiful Brecon Beacons by Adam Tatton Reid

Beautiful living landscape in the Brecon Beacons. Photo credit: Adam Totton-Reid

5 They’re inspirational

The National Parks have been inspiring people for generations. From Beatrix Potter to Arthur Conan Doyle, Dracula to Lorna Doone there’s something for everyone.

Bonus fact: David Bowie named checked the Broads in his song, Life on Mars

6 They’re the best place for adventure in the UK

Looking for a burst of adrenaline? Look no further. The National Parks offer the ultimate adventures including coastering, hiking, horse riding, rock climbing, paragliding, endurance racing, cycling and caving!

Paragliding in the Lake District

Paragliding in the Lake District. Photo credit: Dave Willis.

7 They’ve got History

Is history your thing? National Parks contain some of the most important historical sites in the country including the epic Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland National Park, iron-age forts in the South Downs and archaeological sites in the North York Moors.

8 They’re free!

Unlike the National Parks found in many countries, England and Wales’ National Parks are completely free to enter. That means you can enjoy the benefits of the most spectacular landscapes without paying to enter!

The best things in life are free! Including bird spotting & National Parks! Picture via Unsplash.

9 They’re seriously under threat

You might not believe this, but despite their beauty and their so-called protections, the National Parks are under serious threats. Pressure for development means there are plans to develop parts of the Parks including major road building plans, hotels, mine developments and even nuclear waste facilities.

Climate change threatens the landscapes and ecosystems of these special places and an over-reliance on private cars is choking the Parks with congestion. These factors threaten the very reasons we love National Parks and why they were designated in the first place.

10 There’s only one charity dedicated to all the National parks of England and Wales

For over 80 years Campaign for National Parks has been dedicated to protecting and improving the National Parks with some major success. Remarkably we are the only charity working on a national level for all the Parks of England and Wales.

We love these places but we want to do more. We are a small charity and we are reliant on your support. Become a friend of Campaign for National Parks to help our fight and receive exclusive benefits!