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Fly agaric. How can we make sure National Parks flourish?

Making the Parks even more beautiful by ensuring they flourish

CEO of Campaign for National Parks, Fiona Howie looks at the reccomendations from our newest report, Raising the bar: improving nature in our National Parks. #summerofbeauty 

How do we improve nature in National Parks?

Raising the bar: improving nature in National Parks

Our newest report looks at the urgent need to improve nature in National Parks

Fracking site: Brian Jones

Don't fast-track fracking!

Join our fight to prevent the fast-tracking of fracking. The beauty and serenity of our favourite countryside is under threat!

Goldfinches in action in the Broads

Where the wild things are

Despite covering 0.1% of the UK the Broads are home to a 25% of the country’s rarest wildlife, with hi-tech camera for hire the Broads Authority want you to see what you can find! #summerofbeauty

Should National Parks lead a resurgence in the red squirrel

Saving the red squirrel

National Parks and Squirrel Management: What does one say about the other? Bob Cartwright deputy chair of the Westmorland Reds, a charity dedicated to red squirrel conservation in the Lake District, explains. #summerofbeauty

Herringfleet Mill by the Broads Authority

What do we mean by beauty?

 We are launching our summer of beauty campaign but in the context of National Parks what does beauty mean? Andrew Hall takes a look in the first of our #summerofbeauty blogs.

Join our summer of beauty campaign!

Celebrate the awesome beauty of the National Parks #summerofbeauty

We are launching our #summerofbeauty campaign and we are calling on you to join us in celebrating & improving the awe-inspiring beauty of National Parks

Yorkshire Dales by James Allinson

Designated landscapes review panel announced

Campaign for National Parks implores members of advisory panel to grasp opportunity of designated landscapes review

Hadrian's Wall by Dr Andrew Birley

Stepping into Roman footprints

Dr Andrew Birley explores the fascinating legacy of Roman Britain at Northumberland’s famous Hadrian’s Wall.

Exmoor ponies by Sue Baker

Exmoor ponies – the heart and soul of Exmoor

At the end of WWII, just fifty Exmoor ponies were left in existence. Exmoor without its ponies – unthinkable; but why? Author Sue Baker takes a look

Vote for Campaign for National Parks when you shop online

Shopping online at Waitrose? Vote for Campaign for National Parks as you check out

Fundraising and partnerships officer, Tom Utting, explains why you should vote for Campaign for National Parks when you shop online at Waitrose.

Alex Sobel MP, official parliamentary portrait

Do your bit for the Dales by bus says Alex Sobel MP

In our quest for tranquillity and access to a fresh and beautiful landscape the overuse of cars is undermining everything that makes it special. Leeds MP Alex Sobel calls for more of us to enjoy the National Parks by bus.