Selling the Sun – Project Wild Thing

Project Wild Thing

It’s a shocking fact that today’s children will be the first in history to have a lower life expectancy than their parents. They simply spend too much time indoors, in front of screens, turning into ‘glassy-eyed zombies’. Filmmaker, David Bond has taken it upon himself to use modern marketing techniques to persuade younger generations to get back to nature.

Project Wild Thing is a really inspirational cause set out to provide the motivation of people to go outdoors. David Bond has created a film to document this mission. At first he sets up an office and meets with marketing directors, trying to get an idea of how he can market Nature as a competitor to all other brands.

I think that David Bond makes a very good point. Although we are continuously surrounded by nature, we don’t always acknowledge its presence. We constantly make excuses of having no time, the weather being too cold or that there is something we must watch on television. However, being outside does not take up as much time as we think it does (Bond even made an app for the phone to help with this) and once you’re out there it really is a breath of fresh air. You’ll be surprised by the infinite number of things to do.

Children’s imaginations can run as wild as they want to in the outdoors. As a society, I think we have become very anxious about health and safety and we really need to take a step back and look at the effect it is having on us. It is natural for children to get bruised and scratched, but they don’t even notice it anyway. They’re too busy having fun!

So I urge you to check out, or even better, take a break, and take an adventure in the beautiful complexity of nature.