Mosaic Residential in Northumberland

A feast of delight in the wilds of Northumberland! The northern most Mosaic crew had a wonderful time staying at the YHA in Kielder on the hottest weekend of the year so far, a miracle! We had canoeing adventures across the reservoir, battling great winds, to find safety in the brainspace of a giant wooden sculpted head for lunch. A brilliant man for the astrological society came with some telescopes to introduce us to the cosmos; we got a great sighting of Jupiter with two of its moons. The Young Champions cooked some delicious meals; curries and stews. There where great games of hide and seek in the night time in a maze. In the balmy afternoon sun Sally the Ranger took us to a beautiful fresh young woodland burst with spring to free the adolescent trees of their supports and guards. The champs found a field mouse e, a frog and an unidentifiable tree caterpillar. We made plans for the coming months and discussed how to entice urban young people out to the National Park. On the Kielder Viaduct we took a moment to reflect and wrote some poems, here is a little selection:

I am used to the noise and smell of pollution
What is wrong with today’s constitution
Why not go to the woods and breathe fresh air
I am meant to be looking for jobs to be fair
We circle around and play Frisbee
My arms are now red, how hot can it be
Next we go and play hide and seek
I hope to god this canoe does not leak
Looking up at the nights sky for stars
How come I’ve never noticed Jupiter or mars?
Only a few negatives about this weekend
The mud and the burn, why does this have to end??
Trees swaying gently in the breeze
Acorns fall silently
Peace, beauty, nature
Lonely, dark, spooky and boring
A species unknown to electricity
Yet beautiful and calm J
There is no butcher
Breezy, chirping, brightened skies
Looking back on the weekend time has flied
Canoeing mazes and even a head,
Night times follow stargazing instead