Lake District Champions explore Ennerdale

On the 7 March a group of 10 16-25 year olds went to the Ennerdale area for a weekend away. This was a new experience to most of us. At the beginning of the trip we had to collect provisions on a budget of £200 to feed all 13 members of the group for three days. The first activity was canoeing. We strapped two canoes together to make 3 separate crafts, and then sat 4 per team. Once on the other side we trekked 2.4 km to the first hostel (Ennerdale youth hostel) where we stayed overnight. When there we had a camp fire and played games in the evening.

In the morning we set off on the 3.4 miles to Black Sail youth hostel. Once at Black Sail we chilled with tea, coffees and board games. Later on we began whittling and made various implements. A group went up the mountain Haystacks to see the sun set. Once returned we got a professional story teller. The following day we trekked back down to Ennerdale youth hostel to get the bus to the conservation site just outside Lamplugh. There we fixed a hand rail and steps to a foot path and others to fix up 100 meters of another foot path. This earned us a brew.