Fracking remains a serious threat to National Parks in England

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Fracking remains a serious threat to National Parks in England

Campaign for National Parks wants the Westminster Government to reflect on the strides forward made by the Scottish Government to ensure fracking will not threaten the future of National Parks.

Today the Scottish Government have announced their intentions to ban fracking in Scotland. While fracking-related drilling is currently forbidden within England’s National Parks, in 2015 the Government voted to allow shale gas extraction underneath the Parks. This is a serious threat to the beauty and character of National Parks in areas were fracking could take place, including the North York Moors, the Peak District and the South Downs.

Fiona Howie, our Chief Executive said: “Following today’s news from the Scottish Government, we want the Westminster Government to demonstrate the same kind of vision and do what is right for National Parks in England by banning fracking completely within these beautiful areas. With bold leadership, our National Parks can be protected from a serious threat to their special qualities.”

While we recognise that National Parks have a key role to play in contributing to the UK’s energy needs, we do not support the use of fracking in, or under, National Parks given the potentially significant environmental impacts, including damage to the landscape, beauty and enjoyment of these national assets.

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