Fight against the Cuts

National Parks face one of the largest challenges in their 65 year history as huge Government cuts threaten our most iconic landscapes.

Over the past five years, National Parks have faced a 30-40 per cent cut in their budgets, which has led to job losses and massive cutbacks in resources allocated to ranger services, rights of way, engagement, education and volunteering activities.

Julian Woolford, Campaign for National Parks chief executive, said the ongoing severity of the cuts and uncertainty of future budgets, had left the Parks in a dire position.

National Park budgets have fallen from £47.8m in 2009/10 for nine National Parks in England (1) to £35.5m in the current financial year, and Parks face a further cut in 2015/6.

“We argued in our Manifesto for the next Westminster Government that National Parks should receive a fair share of the resources.  Clearly, this is not the case. Education services have been reduced or closed; rights of way issues are being left unresolved, giving uncertainty to users; repairs of green lanes are no longer being undertaken and events for the public such as guided walks and family events are being reduced.

“If the cuts are allowed to continue, National Parks will only be able to deal with planning issues, which will have a devastating impact on our landscapes.”

So, we are delighted that campaign group 38 degrees has launched a petition, directed to Prime Minister David Cameron, urging him to stop further cuts to the “jewels in the crown” of our protected landscapes.

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Notes to Editors

1 The figures relate to nine National Parks because the South Downs National Park Authority only came into being in 2010.