Your legacy to National Parks

Leave a legacy to the Parks

My gift will help to ensure that the glorious beauty, wildlife and special qualities of each of our wonderful National Parks are protected and enjoyed by future generations - Sir Chris Bonington

Chris Bonnington (C) Byron Edwards

Our history

Together, we have already so much. We campaigned successfully to establish the National Parks  in 1949.  We have fought against inappropriate development. We made the case for new National Parks in the South Downs and New Forest.  We have saved National Parks from Government cuts.

There is still so much more to do. We need to reverse the decline in wildlife and damage to natural habitats. National Parks are still too inaccessible to large parts of society. Government must not permit nuclear waste to be stored underneath the National Parks.

Leaving a gift in your will can have a transformational effect on our organisation.  In recent years they have accounted for half of our income.

Leaving a legacy is simple

Arranging a will can be emotional and difficult task. That is why we have prepared our guide to leaving a legacy to Campaign for National Parks.  Please also speak to a solicitor for detailed advice and to decide what is best for you.  If you have already written a will you can add a codicil – again your solicitor can advise you.

Click here to read our guide to providing a legacy

Katja Pesari at Campaign for National Parks is available to answer any questions you may have about leaving a gift in your will.

Don’t hesitate to contact Katja on 020 7981 0890 or


Sir Chris Bonington. Photo credit: Byron Edwards