Accessible for all

Access for all – campaigning for better transport to and around National Parks

If National Parks are going to remain some of our most beautiful landscapes for the future, we need to think about how we get around them in an environmentally friendly way. To do this we’re campaigning for more buses to, from and around National Parks.

The senior bus pass and rural transport – the bleak price of success - guest blog by transport campaigner Colin Speakman

Increased sustainable transport makes a difference:

Improved access means those who don’t have a driving licence or a car will be able to get around and visit National Parks.

Social and health benefits by encouraging people to ditch the car and use more sustainable transport.

Boost rural economies because people using buses means more money for local communities. Buses generate between £2 and £2.50 in benefits to local communities for every £1 of local authority spend.

Protecting precious landscapes and wildlife by reducing our carbon footprint from fewer cars on the roads as well as improving air quality, reducing congestion and less traffic noise.

What are we doing?

We want to make sure there is the provision of sustainable transport in National Parks. We're in the process of researching and writing a report which can be used to influence Government, National Park Authorities and local transport authorities to take action for more sustainable transport options in the Parks.


Research and report supported by the BMC Access and Conservation Trust. Campaign for National Parks is also kindly supported by the Alan Baxter Foundation and Foundation for Integrated Transport.