Save our National Parks

We are delighted that you are joining with us and 38 Degrees to take part in a walk in one of England’s ten National Parks on 15 August.

National Parks are among the most beautiful and valued landscapes in the British Isles, containing some of our most breathtaking scenery, rare wildlife and cultural heritage.

We hope you will discover the magic of these beautiful places, find out what challenges they face and take action to help keep them safe for everyone.

Who we are

The Campaign for National Parks is the only independent watchdog dedicated solely to the protection of all of the National Parks in England and Wales. Having grown out of a commitment made by a group of outdoor enthusiasts nearly 80 years ago, today we campaign to promote and protect Britain’s finest landscapes for the benefit of all. Since 1936 we have helped establish 13 National Parks in England and Wales, the most recent being the creation of the South Downs National Park in 2009.

What we do

We campaign to protect the iconic landscapes contained within our National Parks to keep them safe from threats like inappropriate energy developments, road building and quarrying.

At a time when public spending has been drastically cut and economic growth is being pursued at any cost, our work is more important than ever.                             

How you can get involved

As the only charity dedicated to protecting all 13 National Parks in England and Wales we are committed to campaigning for their protection. But we need your help.

Become a Friend: For just £3 a month you can help safeguard our National Parks. You’ll get a discount at Cotswold Outdoors, a Friends magazine twice a year and regular campaign news. Sign up here or by calling 020 7981 0890

Make a donation: Help us ensure National Parks remain thriving landscapes by making a donation today here or by calling 020 7981 0890

Thank you!