Making car-free travel easier


We want people to be able to access National Parks in a sustainable way. We are calling for more sustainable travel options to be provided.

Moorsbus in the North York Moors National Park.

Nearly a quarter of households have no access to a private car. To access a National Park therefore they have to rely on an uneven public transport system. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of National Parks but for too many they are inaccessible.


More must be done to make sure everyone can enjoy National Parks – blog by Ruth Bradshaw


The provision of public transport, even to visitor centres on busy bank holidays or Sundays, is often infrequent or makes for a poor visitor experience. It’s not surprising then that 93% of visitors to National Parks choose to travel by car.

An overreliance on car-travel in National Parks can undermine the beauty and peace of the landscape, as well as contributing to climate change.


What are we doing?

We believe more must be done to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to visit a National Park in a sustainable way.

In March 2018 we published National Parks for all: making car-free travel easier. This report recognises the need for more funding to support public transport but focuses on making a number of other recommendations about how the situation can be improved. These include:

  • • National Park Authorities should take a strategic lead on improving sustainable access to their Park.
  • • National Park Authorities and other relevant organisations should provide high-quality, consistent and up-to-date information on sustainable travel options.
  • • A ‘smarter travel National Park’ pilot should be set up to explore the potential for technological solutions such as integrated ticketing, e-bikes and app-based services as well as measures to reduce the levels of car use.


Why access is a matter of social justice – guest blog by the Rt Rvd Dr Helen-Ann Hartley, Bishop of Ripon.


What can you do?

Join us today to support our work to influence Governments, transport providers and National Park Authorities to improve sustainable access to National Parks.

Email us to let us know your stories of travelling to and around National Parks so we can share as many people’s stories as possible with decision makers